Universal Contact

Spring fingers (also known as shield fingers, grounding springs, universal ground contacts, or clips) can be used in all types of small printed circuit board applications across all industries. A spring finger is a single contact, surface mountable internal connector with multiple functions on a PCB. It can be used for antenna feeds, low voltage electrical connections or for grounding to prevent EMI noise and static caused by a speaker, motor, microphone or any other vibration within an application. Sunway continues to expand its spring finger portfolio offering a broad range of styles, heights, and materials to meet all customers’ needs.


? Used for grounding between a device and PCB

? Provides shielding for anything that can cause vibrations within a

   device, such as motors, speakers, and microphones

? Provides a cost effective solution for antenna feeds in all types of devices

? Requires limited space on a PCB

? Accommodates soldering and pick and place using standard equipment


? Prevents EMI noise and static

? Provides a highly reliable connection

? Provides an easy and inexpensive method for connecting multiple PCBs

? Allows for versatility in PCB layout

? Provides flexible, quick-turn design-ins

? Does not require expensive, specialized application equipment

O-Shape Clip Specfication.pdf

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